Shadingfield Sotterley Willingham and Ellough Joint Parish Council

Charges for Sotterley Cemetery 2012

The charge for exclusive right of burial for 50 year period:

Earthen grave space (2743mm x 1219mm)        £175.00

Earthen ashes plot (609mm x 609mm)               £150.00

(these fees are non-refundable)


Interment Fees:

All interment charges are doubled for anyone not registered at the time of death as a resident

of the Parish of Sotterley and Willingham.


However, if a resident has been required to move out of the area for medical care or to a nursing home within the last 2 years due to ill-health, a single fee would apply. Further exemptions are at the discretion of the Council.


Proof of previous residency and date of move would be required by the Parish Council with the

Notice of Interment. It is the responsibility of the family or Funeral Director to provide this

information, failure to do so will result in the payment of double fees.


  • For the burial of a stillborn child or child whose age at death did not
  • exceed one year.                                                                                                    No Charge*
  • For the burial of a child whose age at death exceeded one year but did
  • not exceed 12 years.                                                                                              £100.00
  • For the burial of a person whose age at death exceeded 12 years                        £225.00
  • Ashes in a grave or ashes plot.                                                                               £150.00
  • For the interment of two sets of ashes at the same time.                                       £225.00
  • Scattering of ashes                                                                                                 £75.00

* The Interment fee only to be waived. Charges for the fees for the Exclusive Rights of Burial

(£205.00 for ½ grave) plus the use of chapel (if required) will still apply.



The charge for the right to erect a memorial:


1. A headstone (maximum height 920mm)                                                                          £100.00

2. A plaque or desk (maximum height 150mm)                                                                   £75.00

3. A vase (maximum height 300mm)                                                                                   £50.00

4. For each inscription after first                                                                                          £25.00

5. Memorial renovation/replacement/application                                                                 £25.00


Other Charges:


Updating grants of exclusive right of burial                                                                          £25.00

Appointment with Parish Clerk                                                                                            £25.00


(Cemetery Charges 2018)