The Shadingfield, Sotterley, Willingham and Ellough (SSWE) Neighbourhood Development Plan - What's going on?

Update - January 2023

We are pleased to announce that our Neighbourhood Development Plan has passed another stage in the approval process, the independent examination.  The plan will be put to a referendum of residents of the four communities, probably at the time of the local government elections on May 4th.  The plan will provide the framework for the review of planning applications and certain expenditure and activity by the Parish Council.

The ESC notice advertising the consultation, as well as full versions of the plan and supporting documents are available to download from the Parish Council website (below).

Public Consultation Notice

Read the Plan here

Map of the Neighbourhood Area

Basic Conditions Statement

Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Statement

Habitats Regulations Screening Assessment

Strategic Environmental Assessment Screening Opinion Determination (March 2021)


What is a Neighbourhood Plan? A Neighbourhood Plan (also called a Neighbourhood Development Plan) sets out the views of the local community on the future development of our villages. It can shape and direct future planning by identifying the local sites that residents consider to be most suitable for development and key areas for protection such as historic buildings and open spaces. It can also set out the other improvements required alongside any development, such as playing fields. However, it cannot prevent any development from taking place in an area or propose less growth than the District Council's Local Plan.

Who develops a Neighbourhood Plan? You, the residents of the villages, do! The process is led by the Joint Parish Council, but the whole community must be involved in the decision to develop a Neighbourhood Plan and in deciding what it contains. The Parish Council will also need the participation of some residents as part of the Steering Group that will take on the day-to-day tasks of preparing the Plan. There will be a community referendum at the end of the process, which will determine whether the plan will be adopted or not.

What use does it have? Once the necessary processes have been successfully completed and the Neighbourhood Plan is approved by the electorate of the parishes and adopted by the District Council, it becomes part of that Council's Local Plan and must be taken into account in making any planning decisions. If you do not have a Neighbourhood Plan, your voice will not be heard. A Neighbourhood Plan carries statutory weight, but it cannot be used to stop all development in the villages.

Where can I find out more?

This is your opportunity to influence the future shape
of our villages and communities!